Base Camp

Home has become a relative term for me, and I think that’s a great thing. It used to be the label for just one place – my house in Lexington, MA. Then I went to school in Ohio, and while I wouldn’t call Oberlin “home”, necessarily, it’s definitely close to my heart and always will be. I taught English in Gorontalo, Indonesia, and made a home there for a while. I went back to Indonesia, this time to Lombok, and felt very at home there. In short, I have put down roots in many places and have come to realize that home is a place where you can build a community – for me, at least, geographical location has less to do with the concept of home as time goes on. The more I travel, the smaller the world seems to become.

My mom often asks me to think of our house in Lexington as “base camp”, a place from which to plan my next expedition. It’s from there that I’m writing you now, as I prepare to go back to school in Madison, WI for eight weeks to study Hindi before going to India. This blog will be a creative and comprehensive way for me to keep people informed about what I’m up to, and hopefully will shed some light on Himachal Pradesh and the area I’ll be working in. In the next two weeks, I’ll be hanging out with as many people as possible, doing yoga, singing, and preparing for Madison. After summer school, I have two weeks before I go to India. Hopefully this blog will chronicle my travels all over India, and to Indonesia, China, Japan and many other places around Asia to visit Shansi Fellows and others.

Due to the incredible cheesiness that is this blog title, I may change it, but I swear it was mindfully prepared, and might have been influenced by a certain super cheesy TV show. I think the dour weather outside probably caused my sunny interior to go into overdrive, which also is known to be more than a little sentimental. I also think any blog title, or title for that matter, runs the risk of being cheesy. I just thought I’d embrace it head on. A full explanation is detailed here.

I’ll write again from Madison. Off to enjoy this rainy afternoon!


2 thoughts on “Base Camp

  1. Christina, I love the idea of “base camp” and “roots into branches.” Not cheesy at all. I’m looking forward to following your Indian adventures!

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