My First Holi

I know I haven’t updated in a while, but consider this mini-post to be a harbinger of many more posts. On Tuesday (Holi is celebrated officially on Wednesday, the 27th, but sometimes people start early), the Jagori team and staff (those brave enough to come outside, that is) played “Holi”, which involves throwing a combination of water (either from a bucket or in balloon form) and smearing colored powder (either in the balloon or bucket of water or just on your hands) all over your friends, family, and innocent passersby. This is in honor of spring’s arrival, among other things. Often people will spray water and color on people who really aren’t up for it, and then if the Holi-players are met with angry words, they simply proclaim: “बुरा मत मानो” – bura mat maano, which means “don’t take it badly”. On Holi, anything is possible – I got thrown in a tank of dirty water, and got covered in pink, purple, red, green, and yellow powder. I had the time of my life!


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